California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA)

Section headings have been added for convenience and are not a part of the official text.

The statute as displayed does not include the recent amendments.  They will be displayed on our Amendments page once approved by the Governor and codified.

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Consumer Rights and Information

1798.100 – Consumers right to receive information on privacy practices and access information

1798.105 – Consumers right to deletion

1798.110 – Information required to be provided as part of an access request

1798.115 – Consumers right to receive information about onward disclosures

1798.120 – Consumer right to prohibit the sale of their information

1798.125 – Price discrimination based upon the exercise of the opt-out right

Exercise of Consumer Rights/Opt-Outs

1798.130 – Means for exercising consumer rights

1798.135 – Opt-out link


1798.140 – Definitions

Other Statutes and Enforcement

1798.145 – Interaction with other statutes, rights, and obligations

1798.150 – Civil actions

1798.155 – Attorney General guidance and enforcement

1798.160 – Consumer privacy fund

Statutory Construction and Regulation

1798.175 – Intent, scope, and construction of title

1798.180 – Pre-emption

1798.185 – Adoption of regulations

1798.190 – Intermediate steps or transactions to be disregarded

1798.192 – Void and unenforceable provisions of contract or agreement

Miscellaneous Provisions

1798.194 – Liberal construction of title

1798.196 – Construction with federal law and California constitution

1798.198 – Operative date

1798.199 – Operative date